Below are a few resources that we provide to our clients free of charge.  Each is downloadable, printable and easy to use.  Whether you are currently in escrow or need one of the below documents for another reason, feel free to click on and print the appropriate document.


Affidavit Death of Joint Tenant.pdf‎ (41 KB‎)‎
Affidavit - Death of Trustee.pdf‎ (51 KB‎)‎
Certification of Trust.pdf‎ (77 KB‎)‎
Deed of Trust and Assignment of Rents.pdf‎ (278 KB‎)‎
Declaration - Uninsured Deed.pdf‎ (58 KB‎)‎
Grant Deed.pdf‎ (45 KB‎)‎
Notice of Completion.pdf‎ (75 KB‎)‎
Power of Attorney-General.pdf‎ (83 KB‎)‎
Power of Attorney-Special.pdf‎ (71 KB‎)‎
Preliminary Change of Ownership Report.pdf‎ (199 KB‎)‎
Quitclaim Deed.pdf‎ (47 KB‎)‎
Substitution of Trustee and Full Reconveyance.pdf (55 KB‎)

Sale Escrow – Tools / Forms

Client Sale - Buyer Package.pdf‎ (338 KB‎)‎
Client Sale (in LA City) - Seller Package.pdf‎ (1 MB‎)‎
Client Sale (outside of LA City) Seller Package.pdf‎ (864 KB‎)‎
New Sale Escrow Open Order Form.pdf‎ (47 KB‎)‎
Short Sale Estimate-HUD Request.pdf‎ (21 KB‎)‎
Wire Instructions for Northridge Office.pdf‎ (37 KB‎)‎
Wire Instructions - Woodland Hills Office.pdf‎ (109 KB‎)‎

Refinance Escrow – Tools / Forms

Client Refi Package.pdf‎ (284 KB‎)‎
New Refi open order.pdf‎ (41 KB‎)‎
Refi - Right of Rescission Calendar.pdf‎ (195 KB‎)‎


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